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Welcome to TES Yacht!

We are proud to offer next generation fast cruising sailboats to the North American market. Already known in Europe, TES yachts present a matching set of nautical characteristics of a fast cruiser and comfortable interiors.

Strong and seaworthy

TES sailboats earned their seaworthiness due to very strong hulls fully laminated with decks made as sandwich construction with rigid Airex © foam. Hull and ceiling liners contribute to clean look and match rich wood finish of the home-feel interior.

European and Canadian Standards Compliance

All TES sailboats meet the following certifications:

European Union CE Certification
Canadian Transport Canada


Flexible and Ergonimic Design

TES sailboats have roomy interiors with unmatched headroom in their class. The interiors are designed with special care to achieve maximum comfort for the crew. Boats can be custom - ordered with configuration to suit owner specific needs. All our models are fit to explore shalow waters thanks to their shallow draft. All models can be launched from the trailer. Smaller TES 678BT makes fully trailerable family cruiser ready to launch from the trailer on any ramp. Bigger TES 28 Magnam and TES 32 Dreamer are also trailerable - although both require higher tow capacity vehicle.

   Movie of Polish yacht industry’s promotion programme.



TES Yacht Catalogue (4.4MB)

TES 678BT / 720 BT Brochure

TES 28 Magnam Brochure

TES 24 - 28 Brochure