Welcome to TES family of sailboats

At first single projects and surprisingly good sailing traits of prototypes, gave way to the establishment of the firm. Since 1980 Tomasz SIWIK, designer and owner, offers sail boats to satisfy the needs of the most demanding cruising sailors. As a result of his passion, the owners of TES sailboats appreciate their shallow draft, functionality, ergonomics and seaworthiness coupled with the distinct beauty noticeable from the distance. The exceptional handling on the water, speed, surprisingly spacious cabin, put TES boats in the category of fast cruisers. All boats are trailerable with the swing centerboard, where the keel versions for all models except the smallest, Master 550, are available.   The hulls are all hand laminated solid fibreglass with glass fabric construction, with minimum of 10 layers in areas below water line. Decks are sandwich with Airex™ closed cell rigid foam impermeable to water. This guarantees long life of structure and resistance to rot. Hulls and decks are laminated together from inside to make strong monocoque construction that is both very rigid and leak-proof. The high quality of gelcoat keeps true white colour even on ten year old hulls. 

Following are the characteristics of all models:

  •  Typical for seaworthy boat flat deck with wide walk around passages combined with double life lines make our sailboats comfortable cruisers. 
  •  Solid ballast located in bottom part of the hull ensures stability and self righting of each model even with extra weight attached to the top of the mast (please refer to stability curves for each model) – no water in our hulls.
  •  All lines are led to the cockpit for single handed sailing.
  •  Stand up headroom in head equal to specified headroom inside cabin. Headroom in our boats allows for comfortable living – averaging about 6feet
  • A shallow draft of 12 inches to 16 inches and swing centerboard versions of TES sailboats make safe exploring shallow waters and make possible to beach the boat, while full keel versions are also available.
  •  Swing type, solid steel plate centerboard adds stability while the centerboard automatically swings inside when boat accidentally hits shoal. Board line is routed to the cockpit.
  •  Kick-up rudder with up and down control lines allows for navigation in shallow water close to the beach.
  •  Deep cockpits with high coamings provide good protection for the crew. The hinged stern bench concept provides easy access to the water, while ladder is designed with solid rails on both sides.
  •  Bow pulpit with a seat to enjoy the front view while sailing.
  • Single line operated easy rising mast system integral with the mast rigging, coupled with column stays being under tension in every position of lowered mast. This effectively prevents wobbling and side swinging of mast when sailing with lowered mast
  •  CE certification – please refer to model specifications for respective class rating

The family of TES sailboats consists of TES Master (20 feet), TES 678BT (24feet), TES 28 Magnam (28 feet), and TES Dreamer (32 feet). The smallest of the TES family, Master is a very stable, comfortable cruiser with headroom of 175cm (5’-9”). The bigger TES 678 BT and it’s version with added swim platform TES 720 BT is the most popular trailerable shallow draft pocket cruiser. She is sailed on white and blue waters and the CE “B” category reflects her seaworthiness. The recent addition, Magnam 28, inherited all the good features from other TES boats and in addition more and proven functional solutions were added.The longest, Dreamer 32, provides maximum of comfort and safety for her owners, and her unique hull shape is noticeable from the far distance.

Our yachts are mostly custom made, where the owner can customize the interior layout and/or finish to suit the personal needs and ensure that the new boat will be the dream-come-true yacht. Please browse through the models to learn more about them and to find your favourite one.


Previous TES models:

TES 590 - 1983

TES 597 - 1983

TES 650 - 1984

TES 695 - 1984

TES 660 - 1985

TES 660RT - 1990

TES Optima 22 - 1995

TES Fortuna 23 - 1997